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ERADICATOR means authentic old school Thrash Metal which the band breathes and celebrates since the foundation in 2004. The compositions of the classical four pieces group stand out by diversity and joy in playing, are more than an homage to old heroes and never sound old-fashioned. Razor sharp riffing in the style of California Bay Area Thrasher such as Testament or Death Angel are part of ERADICATORs lifeblood as well as unleashing the teutonic element forces in tradition of German ancestors like Kreator or Destruction to generate an individual mixture of devastation.

Since their debut record “The Atomic Blast” in 2009, Seba Stöber (vox/guitar), Robb Wied (guitar), Sebastian Zoppe (bass) and Pitti Stöber (drums) established their bands well-known name in the underground scene and fascinate fans ever since. With “Madness Is My Name” (2012) and “Slavery” (2015) ERADICATOR managed to evolve their own style in playing and composing which eventually lead to nice press recognition. On their self-organized tours “WANTED! – Thrashed and Alive“ (2014) and “The Thrash Awakens“ (2016) together with friends GODSLAVE the pack is responsible for Germany-wide chronical whiplash, bruised ribs and thrilled metal heads.

At circa 200 concerts ERADICATOR earned heir well deserved spurs and know how to perform an intoxicating metal show!

With their in 2018 released new album “Into Oblivion” ERADICATOR want to raise the bar and set themselves new standards. For the production Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Tankard…) was recruited who presents the band in a fresh way on the ten songs containing LP and predicts, that not only die hard thrash fans will have their pure joy snapping their necks to the new ERADICATOR.


Sebastian Stöber "Seba" - Guitar / Vocals
Sebastian Zoppe "Zoppe" - Bass
Jan-Peter Stöber "Pitti" - Drums
Robert Wied "Robb" - Guitar
23.03.2019 Hamm, NRW

27.04.2019 TBA

04.05.2019 Liebengrün, TH


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