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Name: Robert „Robb“ Wied

Day of birth: 29.09.

Instrument: Guitar

Equipment: Edwards Ex 110 D, ESP/LTD MH 400 NT, Jackson PS3 RR, Peavey Triple X, Engl E412 VS

Profession: Music World Brilon


3 worts to describe yourself: humourus, helpful, Grover

Best concert/festival experience:
Metallica 1999 with Jason Newsted

Favorite Eradicator song and why:
Baptized in Blood, this song has everything.

Personal influences:
James Hetfield, Jeff Waters, Yoda

What do you want to leave for future generations:
Not too much waste.

Favorite excuse from Zoppe when he is late at rehearsal:
'I thought i had time left.'

Hobbies beside music:
Movies, Xbox, sports

What can you do really good? drive people crazy

What not: play soccer

5 thinks you would take with you on a deserted island:
A guitar, my band, a hammock, THE helmet and a lawn-mower

Favorite line:
'Some people are more the same than others'. by Trip

Your final words:
does someone want my 7 string guitar? price is around 400 bucks ;)

21.04.2018 Lünen, NRW

27.04.2018 Mainz, RP

28.04.2018 Büßfeld, HE


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