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ERADICATOR - Seba Name: Sebastian "Seba" Stöber

Day of birth: 21.07.1988

Instrument: Guitar and vocals

Equipment: Jackson King V, EVH 5150 50 Watts III el34, Marshall 1960 4x12er Box, no-frills

Profession: Engineer

Favorite Eradicator song and why:
"Born of Hate" from the new album. It has everything, good thrash number needs. Fast riffs, a grooving middle-part, dual leads, a catchy chorus and a cool solo.

Personal influences:
80er Thrash á la Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus; NWOBHM but also bands like Deep Puple. When I was very young especially "Die Toten Hosen".


16.02.2019 TBA

23.03.2019 Hamm, NRW

04.05.2019 Liebengrün, TH


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