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ERADICATOR - Seba Name: Sebastian "Seba" Stöber

Day of birth: 21.07.1988

Instrument: Guitar and vocals

Equipment: Jackson King V, ENGL Richi Blackmore Amp, Marshall 1960 4x12er Box, no-frills

Profession: Student


3 worts to describe yourself:
uncomplicated, ‘one beer short of a sixpack’, engaged

Best concert/festival experience:
when I played at Wacken in 2009 with the forum band "Victims of Madness" in front of a 4000 people crowd. That was great. Hope to do this with Eradicator very soon.

Favorite Eradicator song and why:
"Born of Hate" from the new album. It has everything, good thrash number needs. Fast riffs, a grooving middle-part, dual leads, a catchy chorus and a cool solo.

Personal influences:
80er Thrash á la Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus; NWOBHM but also bands like Deep Puple. When I was very young especially "Die Toten Hosen".

What do you want to leave for future generations:
It would be unbelievable when people in 100 years would talk about our music and get their inspiration from it. Music is immortal we’re not…

Favorite excuse from Zoppe when he is late at rehearsal:
"My car is at the shop" (Zoppe lives 120 meter away)

Hobbies beside music:
playing and watching soccer, drinking beer

What can you do really good?:
Play guitar, listen, beeing a „smart ass“ from time to time :D

What not:
Concentrate on studying when I could play the guitar instead.

5 thinks you would take with you on a deserted island:
The Guitar and 4 sets of strings

Favorite line:
"What do you mean I ain’t kind, just not your kind" - (Peace Sells-Megadeth)

Your final words:
I’m really excited and looking forward tot he release oft he new album and your reaction to it! Let the Madness infect you!
01.06.2018 Büßfeld, HE

16.06.2018 Bochum, NRW

18.08.2018 Hannover, NI


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