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ERADICATOR - Zoppe Name: Sebastian Zoppe

Day of birth: 06.12.1988

Instrument: Bass

Equipment: Gallien-Krueger Amp, Ampeg Box, Burmeister Basses…

Profession: Bassist


3 worts to describe yourself:
damn sexy motherfucker

Best concert/festival experience:
Rockclub Hamlar, Metal Splash Open Air

Favorite Eradicator song and why:
Baptized in Blood, well made song, kicks ass live

Personal influences:
I liked Cliff Burton.

What do you want to leave for future generations:
A pile of albums

Favorite excuse from Zoppe when he is late at rehearsal:
What?! I am never too late!

Hobbies beside music: bstudying

What can you do really good? I'm a good storyteller.

What not: studying

5 thinks you would take with you on a deserted island:
A self inflating life boat, a solar powered radio transmitter, water, food concentrate and a first aid bag

Favorite line: Evil

Your final words: Who steals won't get a bag.
01.06.2018 Büßfeld, HE

16.06.2018 Bochum, NRW

18.08.2018 Hannover, NI


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