Album "Influence Denied" - Vinyl LP 2nd Edition


Album “Influence Denied” Vinyl LP

2nd Edition

01. Driven By Illusion
02. Hate Preach
03. Echo Chamber
04. Influence Denied
05. 5-0-1
06. Jackals To Chains
07. Mondays For Murder
08. Hypocrite
09. Descent Into Darkness
10. Anthropocene

Running time: 47:05

Format: Vinyl LP (transparent magenta black marble)
Re-release: 03.03.2023
Label: Green Zone Music
Limited: 330




Album "The Atomic Blast" - Vinyl LP


Album “The Atomic Blast” - LP

1. Possesed By The Devil
2. Capital Punishment
3. War In My Head
4. Thrashing Through The Pit
5. Never Surrender
6. Trigger To Apocalypse
7. Place Of No Return
8. When Bullets Drop Like Rain…
9. Nothing But Ashes Remain

Extended CD Version als Download inklusive

Running time: 41:03

Format: Vinyl LP
Limitiert: 100 x Orange, 150 x Schwarz
Release: 22. März 2019
Label: ftwctp Records


Album "Into Oblivion" - Vinyl LP


Album “Into Oblivion” Vinyl LP

Side A
01. Moshproofed
02. Doomsday
03. Wake Up To War
04. Overcome The Blackness
05. Reed Between The Lies
Side B
06. Into Oblivion
07. Decadence Remains
08. Paint The White Flag Black
09. Drown The Truth
10. Weaponized

Running time: 44:33

Format: Schwarze Vinyl LP
Special: Vollfarbig bedrucktes "Inner-Sleeve"
Release: 09. März 2018
Label: Green Zone Music (H'Art)



Album "Slavery" - Vinyl LP


Album “Slavery” LP

Side A
01. Intro
02. Of Ashes And Sand
03. Evil Command
04. Two Thousand Thirteen
05. Scars
06. Bloodbath
07. One Man Jury
Side B
08. Manipulhate
09. The States Of Atrocity
10. Smash The Masquerade
11. Seek And Destroy (Metallica Cover)
12. Slavery

Running time: 49:50

Format: Schwarze Vinyl LP
Special: Vollfarbig bedrucktes "Inner-Sleeve"
Release: 15. August 2015
Label: Yonah Records (Membran)



Album "Madness Is My Name" - Vinyl LP


Album “Madness Is My Name” LP

Side A
01. Madness Is My Name
02. Baptized In Blood
03. Final Dosage
04. Born Of Hate
05. Judgment Day
Side B
06. Immortal Sacrifice
07. Last Days Of Defiance
08. Parasite
09. At The Brink Of Death
10. Evil Twisted Mindn…
11. Nuclear Overkill

Running time: 47:13

Format: Transparent grüne Vinyl LP
Release: 04. Mai 2012
Label: Yonah Records (New Music)





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