ERADICATOR - 10th Anniversary Of ERADICATOR's First Strike

Exactly ten years ago, the North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany based thrash metal outfit ERADICATOR released “The Atomic Blast”, their first full length album. Now on 22nd of March of 2019, the longingly awaited extended reissue version of the long-time sold out first strike of the band will be unleashed.

Besides the nine original classic tracks of the debut which are featured in an unchanged manner, the re-release contains four of those songs ERADICATOR recently re-recorded. To catch the spirit and character of the matured songs the chosen tracks have been recorded in a studio live setting in just a few hours. Moreover the anniversary edition includes a completely reworked booklet with photos of 15-years of turbulent band history. The CD will be released by “Green Zone Music”.

As a special highlight for all vinyl lovers, the label “ftwctp Records” simultaneously releases the long-time overdue vinyl LP version of “The Atomic Blast”. This one comes without the bonus tracks but contains a download code for the extended CD version and is dressed up in the originally planned cover artwork. It is also limited to 250 copies.

Songs as “Possessed By The Devil”, “Capital Punishment” or “When Bullets Drop Like Rain…” are still a crushing element of recent ERADICATOR shows and have not lost their aggression and freshness in which they were cultivated more than ten years ago. The metal horns of true thrash disciples will rush to the sky when the sounds unfold. All those who can’t call “The Atomic Blast” their own or want to complete their collection with this release should not hesitate to score and get the hands on their copy!

Bonebreaker Festival

On 04.09.2020
Kleinwenkheim, BY

Metal Attack Festival

On 26.09.2020

Taunus Metal Festival 2021

On 10.04.2021
Oberursel, HE

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