On Saturday, the 17th of August we have a home game and we're really looking forward to it! 15 years after we formed the band we are playing just 50 meters away from the place were everything started with our first gig in 2005.

We also get support from our dear friends of Davy Jones, have a special setlist and unique suprises for you all at the show!


Good news before the weekend starts! The vinyl LPs of our album The Atomic Blast just arrived. We will pack all your orders at the weekend and ship them in the beginnen of next week!


Now available:


T-Shirt “The Atomic Blast”

Fruit of the Loom: Super Premium

Available sizes: S-XXXL

Vielen Dank an das Ragers Elite Festival in Hamm. Ihr habt den vergangenen Samstag zu einer super geilen Metal Party gemacht. Stimmung, Bands und Organisation waren der Hammer und wir hatten einen tollen Abend!

Unsere nächste Show spielen wir im April in Walsrode, zusammen mit SKULLED und TOTAL VIOLENCE unter dem Motto "Thrash Over Walsrode Part III". Das verspricht auch ein ordentlicher Abriss zu werden! Wir sehen uns im Pit!

Today we present to you our new music video to the classic ERADICATOR track "Trigger To Apocalypse". The song was newly recorded for the reissue of "The Atomic Blast" along with 3 other bonus tracks. Recorded in a studio live setting it captures the spirit of the band.

The video was shot at our rehearsal room where we wrote all our songs during the past 15 years!

Runnig Order RagersAm 23. steht das Rager's Elite Festival an und wir freuen uns nach längerer Zeit endlich wieder die Bühne zu entern! Karten gibt es noch im Vorverkauf unter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kommt früh rum da wir, wie ihr der Running Order entnehmen könnt, verhältnismäßig früh an der Reihe sind!

Baracke (Thrash Domination)

On 18.05.2023
Münster, NRW

Florinsmarkt (Thrash Domination)

On 19.05.2023
Koblenz, RP

Bergisch Metal Festival

On 20.05.2023
Bergisch Gladbach; NRW

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