As an established part of the German metal scene, ERADICATOR embody authentic thrash metal since 2004. Stylistically, the four musicians create a combination of the influences of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Teutonic elemental force of German genre fathers. Influences of other metal styles can often be found, which makes the compositions fresh and contemporary – despite the oldschool attitude. Five studio albums and over 200 played shows prove the experience of the thrashers and have formed and strengthened ERADICATOR - it's worth to experience it live.

Album promo "Influence Denied":

The world seems to be upside down, but on "Influence Denied" ERADICATOR refuse the impact of deceivers and self-proclaimed salvationists! With incisive authentic THRASH METAL and equally perceptive lyrics, they hold up a mirror to society on their new album. Encouraging to critical reflection and humility, however, there is no compromise musically, because ERADICATOR swing the iron fist!

"Influence Denied", the 2021 release and fifth ERADICATOR album, is the sovereign consequence of the previous long-players. The band's passionate claim to elevate their music to a new level results in audible joy of playing and convincing compositions: with their new output ERADICATOR create a combination of the sound of the San Francisco Bay Area à la Testament or Death Angel and the Teutonic elemental force of German genre greats like Kreator or Destruction. Fused with the soul of the band, the result is a massive thrash metal blast.

For "Influence Denied" a strong partner was found with the Cologne label "METALVILLE". With combined forces the new ERADICATOR album will be unleashed on 23.07.2021.




Sebastian Stöber "Seba" - Guitar / Vocals
Sebastian Zoppe "Zoppe" - Bass
Jan-Peter Stöber "Pitti" - Drums
Robert Wied "Robb" - Guitar

Soundcheck One Festival

On 07.10.2023
Waldbronn-Neurod, BW

The Tap And Tumbler (Thrash Dominat…

On 12.10.2023
Nottingham (UK)

The Fighting Cock (Thrash Dominatio…

On 13.10.2023
Kingston upon Thames (UK)

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