The recordings for our upcoming fifth album are currently in full swing. Drums, guitars and bass are already in the can. Currently the vocal parts of Seba are still to be recorded.

The new songs will be produced in cooperation with Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann, who is of course responsible for mixing and mastering.

As soon as there is information about the planned release, you can read it here.

Not being able to play concerts and the lack of interaction and exchange with the fans and the audience is something we all miss very much. Therefore we are especially happy to be a part of the first episode of the show "Access All Areas" of our good friends and sparring partners of GODSLAVE. The show is available with exclusive video material on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to the contributions of GODSLAVE and ERADICATOR, the GREEN ZONE MUSIC bands THE OUTSIDE and CREDIC will be present. We wish you a lot of fun watching.

If you like, we would be happy about a donation:

Wow, what a great Sunday night! Many thanks to the city of Lennestadt, Medienwerk Lennestadt, Behle Events and NJ Eventing for the realization of the broadcast.

A very special thank you goes of course to all who watched our show on the screens at home. Many thanks also for the orders and donations.

The stream is now available in full length on YouTube:

Donation-Link: PayPal.Me/supportERADICATOR

We are happy to announce that we will be streaming a show live on Youtube on Sunday July 26th. As you can imagine we are super excited to finally be back on stage to perform for you. There will be a hand-picked "Best Of" setlist.

If you want to support us financially for this event, you can do so via the PayPal link below!

Here you can find the link to the stream:


Kick off: 06:30 pm (Central European Summer Time)

Donation link: PayPal.Me/supportERADICATOR

We are happy to announce our new digital only live EP "Live In LA - Part One". Read the official statement here:

"The spark that ignites and unleashes the raw elemental force of Thrash Metal jumps especially on live shows - the terrain where ERADICATOR feel at home.

To bridge the waiting time for their fifth studio album and to keep the moshpit running, the Thrashers from Germany's Sauerland release live recordings of selected tracks throughout the year. The beginning will be on March 20th with the songs "Wake Up To War" and "Evil Command" live in LA. These were recorded in summer 2019 at ERADICATOR's home game in Lennestadt-Altenhundem.

The exclusive digital release is available on Spotify and all popular streaming platforms!"

Cover photography by Volker Bruns and Stephan R..

Listen on SPOTIFY

Schweren Herzens müssen auch wir nun die morgige Show im Vortex Surfer in Siegen absagen. Die gesellschaftliche Verantwortung die uns nun einholt und die jeder von uns persönlich trägt, wiegt weit mehr als die positive Energie, die wir aus diesem tollen Abend hätten ziehen können.

Auf der anderen Seite ist es für uns als „Hobby“-Band leicht zu sagen, dass es ignorant und arrogant wäre einen solchen Abend zu veranstalten, während auf der anderen Seite Phil und das Vortex, ebenso wie alle anderen Veranstalter und Kulturzentren finanziell abhängig von Veranstaltungen wie dieser sind. Das verunsichert uns ebenso und führt zu einem ätzenden Beigeschmack dieser Entscheidung.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen Freunden und Fans die sich entschieden haben eine Karte zu kaufen und versuchen einen neuen Termin für das Konzert zu finden. Gekaufte Tickets behalten natürlich ihre Gültigkeit.

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Metal Auf'm Dorf Vol. 2

On 06.03.2021
Sieveringen, NRW

Metal Diver Festival 2021

On 13.03.2021
Marsberg, NRW

Taunus Metal Festival 2021

On 10.04.2021
Oberursel, HE

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